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Mark Tully India

by Mark Tully

Have India's economic changes over the last twenty had any impact on the poor20and marginalised? Can India’s democracy contain the mounting resentment of those left out of the new economic order? Can a high growth rate be sustained with India’s notoriously corrupt and inefficient governance? Can the development of its creaking infrastructure be speeded up? How is India going to feed itself unless agriculture is reformed?

This timely book will answer these questions through interviews with industrialists and cricketers, God men and farmers, plutocrats and former untouchables. Full of fascinating stories of real people at a time of great change, it will be of interest to economists, business people, diplomats, politicians, as well as to those who love to travel and who take an interest in the rapid growth of one of the world’s largest countries, and what this means to us in the West.

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